Meet Tom’s Attorney, David W. Fischer, Esq. :


FBI agents raided the Caldwell farm on January 19, 2021.  In their initial charging document (page 5), the FBI claimed that Tom was a “member” of the Oath Keepers organization.  The FBI, in fact, claimed that Tom held “a leadership role” in the Oath Keepers with the title “Commander.”  The FBI also accused Tom of forcing his way inside the U.S. Capitol on January 6th as part of a “stack” of Oath Keepers.  The Government accused Tom of engaging in “a plan to forcibly attack the Capitol” on January 6th.  The Government also accused Tom of “hunting down” members of Congress on January 6th.  Finally, the President, Attorney General, Speaker of the House, and virtually every Democrat on Capitol Hill has claimed that the January 6th protestors are racists, white supremacists, and domestic terrorists. Every one of these claims is false.  Read the FACTS.


  1. While the Oath Keepers organization is a patriotic, respected group of former law enforcement and veterans, Tom Caldwell was NEVER a “member” of this organization.  The Government has subsequently admitted  (page 9) that Tom was not a member of the Oath Keepers.  In fact, the President of the Oath Keepers has publicly stated that Tom was not a member of his organization.
  2. Accordingly, Tom Caldwell was not the “Commander” of the Oath Keepers.  Comically, when confronted by skeptical FBI agents during a 2-hour interrogation that Tom was a leader of the Oath Keepers, Tom set them straight:  “I’m a retired Navy Lt. COMMANDER, that’s why I’m called COMMANDER.”  That’s correct, the FBI believed that Tom Caldwell was the “Commander” of the Oath Keepers because many on social media referred to this disabled Navy veteran by his retired rank.  The Government has admitted (page 4) they were wrong and that Tom was not an Oath Keepers leader.
  3. Tom Caldwell NEVER entered, or attempted to enter, the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, 2021.  As noted above, the FBI in charging documents accused Tom of forcing his way into the Capitol.  Again, comically, the FBI during its 2-hour interrogation of Tom slapped a picture down in front of Tom, claiming it showed him INSIDE the Capitol.  In response, Tom calmly corrected the FBI agents, by pointing out that the photo in question was taken under scaffolding outside of the Capitol.  Again, the Government has now admitted (page 50) that Tom never entered the Capitol.
  4. Tom Caldwell did not “plan” to “forcibly attack the Capitol” on January 6th.  The Government made this outlandish claim in charging documents, but has now admitted that it found no evidence of a specific plan to specifically attack the Capitol. In fact, one of the reasons why Tom was released from jail by the presiding judge is that the Government backed off of its false claim (page 8) that Tom and others plotted for weeks to attack the Capitol.
  5. Tom Caldwell did not “hunt down” members of Congress on January 6th.  The Government published out-of-context social media posts that gave the false impression that Tom was trying to “gas” members of Congress and “hunt them down.”  Tom did NOT enter the U.S. Capitol, let alone try to assassinate members of Congress.  The Government stripped its incendiary claim out of subsequent charging documents, but not before the press falsely branded Tom as a would-be assassin.
  6. The media and scores of politicians have falsely claimed the Tom is a “white supremacist.” Tom Caldwell is a devout Christian man who does not have a racist bone in his body.  He is the victim of disgusting race-baiting by shameless politicians and media members.  Ironically, the Oath Keepers organization was being led by a black man (page 12) on January 6th.
  7. The FBI did virtually no “investigation” of Tom before they charged him.  Prior to January 17, 2021, Tom Caldwell was not on the FBI’s radar.  On that day, the FBI raided the homes of two Oath Keeper members and seized their phones and computers.  Based on innocent social media communications between these Oath Keepers and Tom, the FBI ASSUMED that Tom was a “member” of the Oath Keepers, that he held a “leadership role” in that organization, and that he forcibly “entered the Capitol” on January 6th.  All of these ASSUMPTIONS were wrong, but were the bases for the FBI to descend on the Caldwell farm in rural Virginia, seize the Caldwells at gunpoint, and arrest Tom and HOLD HIM FOR MORE THAN 50 DAYS.

How You Can Help

Tom and his family are devout Christians and believe and trust in God.  They ask for your prayers during this horrible time of trouble, and if you can, to donate to help fight the injustice threatening their livelihood.  YOU can do something to help an innocent veteran avoid the loss of his family farm.  The storm he faces threatens the freedom of us all.  Please help us stop this insanity now.  We pray this never happens to you.